Entappia platform provides a comprehensive indoor & outdoor navigation, real-time location system (RTLS), and business intelligence solution to track and monitor organizations most critical assets. Our solution is fully customizable  and can be tailored to business needs across diverse industries. Entappia platform can integrate with any location detection hardware technology using any combination of WiFi, BLE, RFID, and UWB. We partner with Quuppa, Mist, AWS to bring modern, scalable, and highly secure system and deliver superior customer experience.

Real-time Location Tracking and Intelligence

Entappia enables you to track critical asset flow in real-time and provides actionable intelligence.

Synchronize Data Streams

Entappia platform connects seamlessly with your information management systems, synchronize data from diverse data streams, create a comprehensive view of your asset flows, enable swift and robust business decisions.


Entappia’s agile, future proof, scalable platform is hardware agnostic and can seamlessly conect with your information management system.