Entappia Industry 4.0 platform enables organizations to utilize real-time location systems (RTLS) technology to create contextual data convergence from the three critical flows in value creation stream: Information, Product/Service, Assets. Historically, the contextual data among these three streams are asynchronous and dated as the conditions are dynamic, limiting your ability to create value. Entappia platform synchronizes and synthesizes information from these critical streams and empower your assets to identify abnormalities early and create a vantage point to make timely critical business decisions.

  • Empower your assets and gather real-time contextual assets data. Streamline and improve foundational processes.
  • Monitor flow of materials, resources, and equipment within your value stream. Maximize business results by improving throughput of product/service flow.
  • Locate materials, tools, fixtures, and equipment movements within your operations. Eliminate associated replacement costs and non-value added “search” tasks.

Material Flow Velocity

Make materials flow through the value stream seamlessly.

Entappia provides an interactive, user-friendly dashboard and tools to monitor material movement by zone including ingress, egress, and wait time statistics.

Business leaders can utilize data analytics to identify and manage the constraints.

Asset Tracking

Track and monitor all your mission critical assets such as tools, fixtures, gages, and equipment 24X7.

Locate these assets seamlessly using the LiveView from the mobile app or a desktop.

Improve productivity by eliminating “search” time.

Avoid expensive asset replacement costs.

Operational Excellence

Unearth hidden factories through real-time asset monitoring and intelligence.

Deploy innovative solutions to minimize/eliminate inefficiencies and maximize business performance.