Contact Tracing Solution Highlights

Entappia platform enables organizations to create a safer workplace using real-time locating system (RTLS) solution.

Our Contact Tracing solution is designed to assist organizations to short list potentially affected personnel, control and monitor occupancy of each zone, alert when social distancing is not maintained.  The system aids in emergency evacuation readiness.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

  • All information related to personnel is kept private and confidential. Only Human Resources have access.
  • ONLY TagID and respective location information is tracked and displayed.
  • Tags are only tracked within the premise.
  • Create zones and customize zone occupancy criteria to monitor compliance.
  • Generate alerts based on the established time duration criteria and enable exception alerts.
  • Minimize business risks using contextual data.

Create A Safer Workplace

Prepare your organization now and minimize business risk in the future.

Track all personnel within your operation to improve emergency readiness.

Entappia provides an interactive, user-friendly dashboard and tools to monitor relative proximity of people and other location-centric data.

Zone Management

Define and manage zones of various sizes and prioritization based on your business needs.

Categorize zones dynamically into higher or lower risk.

Establish set of restrictions or rules to specific zones and generate alerts.

Zone Analytics

Entappia zone analytics suite gives you the ability to find results to various location and time-based queries such as the total contact time a person came in contact with a specific person in a given location.

Provides you with detailed information about where and how long each contact event took place.

Get deeper insights based on various stratification criteria such as zone type, contact time, or location.

HR Tag Management

Entappia provides an easy to implement HR and Tag management system that seamlessly integrates into existing workplace solutions.

Data collected for analytics is completely secured and anonymized server-side, thereby protecting the identity and privacy of end-users.

Different categories of Tags with dynamic restrictions can be created depending on business criteria.