Entappia specializes in providing indoor-outdoor navigation, real-time location systems (RTLS), and business intelligence solutions to discover opportunities, maximize asset utilization, and deliver outstanding business results consistently. Our platform enables you to get right contextual data from right source in real-time. This contextual data combined with Entappia’s business intelligence suite make problems visible and empowers you in making robust and timely decisions, streamline your processes, deliver exceptional results.

Turbocharge Your Business Transformation

Get asset and environment intelligence in real-time.

Gather intelligence on opportunities.

Decide on strategic and tactical actions.

Continuously improve systems and processes.

Connect The Dots

Integrate critical data from diverse streams.

Construct a comprehensive view of your value creation stream.

Utilize intelligence and create a vantage point.

Align organizational resources with right actions.

Bias Towards Action

Improve your decision-making agility through transition from reactive to proactive intelligence.

Customize alerts based on your business needs and empower your assets.

Identify and remove roadblocks in your value creation stream.

Improve sales, profits, and cash flow by enabling seamless value flow.

Achieve Excellence

Make your supply chain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Deliver results to all stakeholders including customers, employees, shareholders, and community.